Joan Khurody
Author and Publisher

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A NOMAD/WRITER distilling a wandering life into literature.  Living in INDIA (Aligarh and Bombay) IRAN (Tehran and Abadan) LEBANON (Beirut) INDONESIA ( Jakarta)YEMEN( Hodeidah) brought Joan into contact with many languages, lifestyles, religions and cultures, providing rich material for her writing. An HONORARY PARSI through her controversial marriage to her Indian husband, she has personal experience of prejudice and inter-racial difficulties.

Key Facts

No-one Mentioned Bandits

In 1959 a young English girl married an Indian in the face of widespread prejudice and disapproval and went to live with him in a small North Indian town

Love Story and Memoir

Into the Night with a Stranger

Ann Mehta and Jessica Clark meet after a 10 year estrangement. Their intense friendship  in 1960's Bombay had ended badly. Their confrontation opens a door into the past that Ann had struggled to keep closed.

Novel set in Bombay and Norfolk

A New Way to Remember

Two women, a mother in India and a daughter in rural England, struggle to find their way back to each other as they try to re-shape lives damaged by the contemporary dilemmas of displacement and uncertain cultural identity. Maya Fielding is the child of a destructive and failed inter-racial marriage that has left her emotionally fragile and holding on fiercely, despite her exotic appearance, to her chosen English identity. Newly married to John Carter she tries to isolate her marriage from any contact with her past.

New novel/new theme

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I usually have two or three books to read at all times, choosing which to read according to my mood. However since buying this fascinating and beautifully written book, it’s the only one. It’s an extraordinary story, all the more so because it’s true . It’s full of colourful characters, texture and tastes. A wonderful summer read.  5* Amazon Review. P.Wise  (No-one Mentioned Bandits)

Those of you who have read Joan Khurody's first book of memoirs "No one mentioned bandits" will enjoy this second book which, although a work of fiction, inevitably reflects some of her experiences of living in India in the 1960s. From the beginning one's interest is immediately held by an unexpected encounter by a friend from the past. As the story evolves from a quiet rural life in Norfolk to the drama,colour, and noise of India, it gathers pace as more fascinating characters appear all of whom are well described. I enjoyed this book even more than Joan's first one and would highly recommend it. It is well written and in depth has all the emotions of love, loss, and tragedy. 5* Amazon Review Mrs C (Into the Night with a Stranger)



The author’s memoir “No-one Mentioned Bandits”, her previous novel
Into the Night with a Stranger” and this new novel form a loose trilogy
in that all three focus on what is becoming one of the issues of our time,
the problems raised by cross-cultural and inter-racial fluidity.